This is how you run a business. The person I met was very polite and professional. He had several customers come in right when it opened and it didn't take much time before it was my turn. He saw I was debating on 2 different products, and actually gave me a discount for being a 1st time customer to try a new brand.

I don't want to get into specific details, but I had an issue and it took me a couple weeks to come back, but after telling him my story, he remembered me and took care of a small issue I had.

Support your local companies! Especially if they treat you with respect.


Very well stocked, clean, and organized smoke shop. Extremely friendly, and prompt service. This is the only smoke shop to consider if you're in the area. Thanks ESS

Brett B

Was very friendly! And extremely recommend ! I will be referring friends to this location!

Henry P

Very helpful, one of the best smoke shops I've been in.

Hunter J

The best vape shop in Cheektowaga. They have a big selection of kratom. Their prices are the cheapest!!!

Jacob J

Excellent inventory at fair prices with great customer service. New, clean, bright, legit shop.

Brandon B